Stay Woke: Application

I collaborated with J.P. Ramirez to help him translate his Stay Woke project into print. The project began as an installation featuring a large, custom typography piece filled with googly eyes. Placing the eyes on the original piece was a tedious and laborious process (J.P.'s a bit of a glutton for punishment when it comes to installations like that) so we resolved to find a better way in the transition to a new medium.

To accomplish the placement I created a tool using Processing that would take the original artwork and place googly-eyes randomly upon the shapes. The spacing was achieved using a physics library that simulates the collision between round objects and treats the virtual eyes very much like actual physical objects, nudging and pushing each other aside.

Simple controls for the number of eyes and the size range combined with the ability to click and add eyes in specific areas provide the nuance to dial in just the right look.