Northern Lab: Entryway Experience

At the time The Northern Lab (Client & Partner Experience studio) was a new concept within Northern Trust. A way of bringing the Human Centered design process into the organization and taking on design projects to expand and enhance the experiences of both clients and employees (partners). As the space was being designed and built Kyle Fletcher and myself were asked to think about the experience of people as they entered the space.

Our goal was to find a way for the space to feel fresh and unique within the organization but feel very human and grounded in the work and principles that The Lab would be embodying. The result was the pairing of a very analog installation of periodically rotating client/partner research quotes with a digital experience highlighting design principles and projects. This pairing really reflects the work of The Lab–rooted in research and experience but often carried into the digital realm for implementation and realization.

The digital experience features a sea of drifting letterforms with gossamer connections based on proximity. These letters periodically self-organize into the studio's design principles before drifting apart once again into their ambient drifting state.

They system was realized using a custom application leveraging the Processing library for Java and a fairly extensive custom framework for handling things like timing and motion.

Touching the screen will take a viewer into a presentation mode where they can click through examples of work and process tied to the specific principles.

Some early concepts and design for the experience.